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Dharma Bums has landed! One of the most wanted yoga- and activewear brands globally is now available at Garmendo. The first arrivals include amazing prints and designs that let you express your true self and be proud of your feminity. Our favourite outfit for the summer is Simba Printed Recycled Short, perfect for hot days and summer games with friends! View the whole collection here.


Dharma Bums is all about ethical manufacturing, sustainability and beautiful high-quality designs.

Dharma Bums is all about ethical manufacturing, sustainability and beautiful high-quality designs. From the beginning, Dharma Bums decided to empower both people who make their clothes and people who wear them. Dharma Bums has an unwavering commitment to ethical supply chains and quality in every stitch. As an Australian company, they have built relationships with local small businesses, and later brought in new partners that share same ethical values, all certified by internationally independent bodies who audit their operations and are all BSCI accredited.
Dharma Bums is all the time looking for more sustainable technologies and materials. Currently, they use recycled nylon and organic materials, such as bio textile Lenzing Modal, sourced of sustainably grown trees, and Pima Cotton, high-quality cotton with extra-long fibres ensuring longevity. In addition to their bio-materials, their colour and printing is also minimal impact. All their prints are produced with eco-friendly, sublimation printing: less water, electricity and waste. All paper is recycled, dyes are non-toxic, and the water they use is cleaned up to 40 times to protect against pollution.

While Dharma Bums products are not just gorgeous, sustainable and high-quality, they are comfortable to wear and specially designed for women needs. Dharma Bums' partners ensure the carbon-neutral shipping, making the Dharma Bums shopping guilt-free worldwide.
Head on to our webshop to update your summer look and get out to enjoy the summer!

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