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Summer is approaching, energy levels growing and need for movement becoming essential during the current restrictions. Now is the best time to take care of yourself, learn new skills and try new tricks conveniently, at home! We have gathered together the best yoga classes online from our lovely ambassadors and amazing brands! Join the free online classes or support our ambassadors by joining their online lessons.

Free Yoga Classes Online

Home workout is a great way to take care of your health and mental wellness. Avoiding injuries and making sure your practice is safe to do at home, practise new skills always with professionals! Some of our brands offer a great variety of online classes for free with professional instructors. 


Manduka has an extensive offering of free yoga classes online including yoga for athletes, yoga for kids, family yoga, prenatal yoga and beginner yoga. You can start from scratch with no experience or keep challenging your daily practise with Manduka's yoga instructors. Practice with Manduka here!




Mandala offers yoga events and classes mostly in German, but due to the current situation, they have shared some of their favourite teachers' online classes on Youtube in English. Try our favourite below:




Yes, you read right. Dharma Bums is arriving in our collection during spring 2020, and we could not resist to add them to this post already due to their expansive selection of free online yoga! View Dharma Bums online yoga classes here!


Online Yoga Classes By Garmendo Girls

Our dear ambassadors have also been very active lately. You can join their classes, some for free and some with a small fee by clicking the links below.





Jesuispoppy, Patricia is a Milan based registered yoga teacher with a 200RYT in Integral Vinyasa Yoga & Pranayama. We admire her positive attitude and sparkling way of life. Pat is having scheduled online yoga session weekly, join her classes below.


Bianca offers yoga classes and retreats all over the world. She is a certified dancer and yoga teacher travelling around the world with her photographer husband Mateus and their small mini. We admire this power couple creating amazing yoga art together and living exactly their kind of life. Follow Bianca for online yoga practises below.





Laliceyoga an Italian Yoga Teacher and Biologists is having yoga classes and retreats at her organic farm! Her authenticity is something so natural that goes hand in hand with her organic small farm. Alice is taking requests for yoga and yoga retreats by messages. Contact her by Instagram below.




Esteryoga is a self-taught yogi from Barcelona. She arranges amazing yoga challenges in her Instagram account which are definitely a worth of trying. Her brutally honest yet gentle way to view the life can teach new perspectives for many of us. Basic level of yoga practise is recommended when participating yoga challenges without certified teacher. You can the challenges and get inspiration on her Instagram account.





The funniest way to have online yoga is to practise together with your friends or family. Try a live session with your friends on Instagram or use an online conference call applications to practise all together! Have a happy practising and please share in comments if you have your favourite online yoga class to share!

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