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This amazing conscious sportswear label combines the newest technologies and high-quality seamless technology with the most comfortable softness making Jilla Active one of the biggest must-haves for this spring! Jilla Active is specialized in seamless technology that adds a four-way stretch with a smoothness to provide a supported fit for sports bras and leggings. Their London team designs and develops soft, comfortable activewear in a calming and versatile colour palette. The combination of style and technical performance creates refined and durable activewear. See our Jilla Active collection here!

Comfort and feel are at the core of Jillas products together with consciously sourced soft yet technical yarns. Their clothing is crafted in soft fabrics such as Bamboo, Modal and Polyamide to ensure all pieces are effortless and feel like a second skin. Our favourite picks are the bamboo tops perfect for throwing on during savasana, the pretty detailed bras and the 'fit like a glove' seamless leggings.

"Versatility is really important when I design Jilla as I want to provide flexible and interesting activewear that works for you and your lifestyle."
- Olivia, Designer Jilla Active

Jilla specializes in circular knitting using Italian Santoni knitting machines. All of their products are seamless knitting because the super stretchy fabric is really soft and comfortable next to the skin. Seamless knitting technique can be used to integrate different knit structures to specific areas on the garment to provide breathability and extra support there where it is needed the most. Try the whole new level of comfort, freedom of movement and flexibility, try Jilla activewear!

In seamless knitting, the yarn is an essential element. Jilla team takes excellent care by selecting the most functional materials to work with. They are testing the yarns to see if they are perfect for each style. Jillas yarns are all sustainable. Their bamboo yarn is grown in the South of China. As a yarn bamboo has excellent features. It is temperature regulating, incredibly soft, antibacterial and deodorizing, great for sensitive skin and quickly renewable natural plant-based material. Bamboo is a perfect raw material for sustainable activewear. Read more about bamboo here.

Jilla also uses a Polyamide yarn/elastane, super-soft materials which add the four-way stretch and a supportive fit to the product. These yarns make the garment fit like a glove and can be used in different areas for breathability and support. Polyamide and elastane are also sweat-wicking, quick-drying, breathable and antibacterial materials. Modal is another key material of Jilla's products. It is part of the viscose family, similar to bamboo, created from sustainably grown beech tree wood pulp derived cellulose material. Modal is breathable, cool to touch, soft and smooth and absorbent material, perfect for activewear.

Jilla Active is a London based company, working directly with their own family-run factory located in China. They make sure the working conditions for all their teams are of a high standard with a fair wage. Jilla's factory is using only high-quality raw materials, which are sustainably sourced as near the factory as possible to reduce their carbon footprint. In the production and dyeing process, they use an environmentally friendly water processing unit at their factory to minimize the environmental impact of dyeing. The water kit removes all the chemicals from the water when it goes back into the water system avoiding pollution to the surrounding areas. To create an even more efficient and effective system some of the water is re-used.

Jilla Active is a very transparent company. They have taken part in the 'Who Made My Activewear' Fashion Revolution event to raise awareness and highlight the team working at the factory. They have regular factory audits to ensure that their working conditions are to a high standard. These are all non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education. Although Jilla Active is a startup, they are taking an active role in the local community, helping in small ways such as donating samples to Royal Trinity Hospice, hosting a sample sale to raise funds for Edinburgh Community Yoga and sponsoring the first women's team taking on the Everest in the Alps challenge with new Jilla kit.

This fantastic yet small brand has been noticed already in Elle and many yoga magazines due to their beautiful design and amazingly soft and supportive products. The great reviews from their customers are growing Jilla Active as one of the U.K´s favourite yoga brands. A brand, which takes care of their actions, people and nature around them creating amazing products is an excellent example of the conscious business. We are so proud to be one of their suppliers! Check out our first Jilla Active collection here.

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