Reveal Your True Colours

You have it all inside you. We all have so much potential, power, and wisdom hidden inside us by the fear of being rejected. Too often we are afraid to express ourselves authentically and are hiding under the accepted stereotypes of the society. That is totally natural behaviour since we have been living so long in a society being dependent on other human beings. Nonetheless, for the society to work and develop it is tremendously important to have different perspectives, and these can be offered only by the individual human beings. To read more about the fear of being rejected and how it might affect your personal life read more here.

It doesn't matter who you are, where you are or what you are, look inside yourself and find the inner beauty in you. Revealing your inner self to the world enables you to enjoy the life fully and freely. Authenticity creates trust and makes every side of you to look like a beautiful piece of art. We are all different, and we should be proud of that because that is the most significant power of the humans. Personal growth is one way to find your inner self and reveal your real potential. If you want to learn more about personal growth DailyOm has excellent articles and courses for personal development. Read more here.

At Garmendo we believe in authenticity. We want to live in a society where every individual human being can shine their true colours. Therefore, we are actively seeking true talents and helping them to reach their real potential. Our collection is made of beautiful designs of new and talented suppliers.

Our latest artist comes from Russia creating brave and colourful activewear with beautiful designs. For the end of the summer, we want to introduce the vivid California collection of Shine&Roar. Keep your eyes open for becoming leggings collection!

Be yourself and trust your true colours!

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