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Microfibers are the hot topic of the day. Latest researches have found that microfibers can be found everywhere from the planet including ocean, soil, air, animals and even the human body. Microfibers are small pieces of synthetic materials, sometimes hardly visible to the eye. Microplastics can be also bigger objects like plastic bottles, fishing nets or plastic cutleries.

Researchers have found that globally people are ingesting an average of 5 grams of plastic every week, the equivalent of a credit card.

Microfibers are released from washing and can harm the environment. With each wash, countless plastic fibers from synthetic textiles are making their way from washing machines into rivers and oceans. Once in the environment, the tiny plastic pieces accumulate pollutants such as heavy metals. They are consumed by aquatic organisms, resulting in infections, reproductive problems, and starvation – problems that work their way up the food chain. Indications that microplastics not only harm nature, but also humans are overwhelming.

It is a rather new field of study and still unknown how harmful the microfibers really are for us. So far, it is sure the microfibers are all over us and we are continuously finding new threats caused by microfibers. You can read more about microfibers at Stop Microwaste Foundation's blog here.

We have joined the good cause to stop the micro waste and added The Guppyfriend Washing Bag by Stop Microwaste Foundation to our collection. Use The Guppyfriend to wash your synthetic clothing.

  • Put synthetic textiles into the Guppyfriend. Do not overfill and separate colors.
  • Close the Guppyfriend and wash as usual.
  • Take out wet textiles after washing.

Remove the released microfibers from hems inside of Guppyfriend and dispose properly. Do not rinse.

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