Sustainable Silk-like Cupro For Sportswear

Amazing innovations are broadening the spect of sustainable materials in the sportswear industry accelerating environmentally friendly development. The Cupro is a regenerated cellulose fibre originally derived from cotton linter. This Japanese invention is fully vegan, eco-certified and made of upcycled natural material!




Basically, Cupro is cotton fibre, but using a different part of the plant makes the fibre soft as silk, but much more durable and easier to care. Cotton linters are usually unused and treated as a production waste when producing cotton fibres making Cupro as a super ecological material!

A cotton fiber, but using a different part of the plant makes the Cupro fibre soft as silk, but much more durable and easier to care.

Cupro is produced into a fibre with a closed-loop system. First, the cotton linter is removed of all impurities and transformed into pure cellulose trough the "closed-loop system", meaning the solvent is recycled until the new solvent is needed and the old solvent recycled safely into other industries. After, the fibre is ready to be spun into yarn and sewn into a textile. Cupro has earned an eco-certified label, meaning there is not used any harmful chemicals for human or environment in the production process or raw materials.

Cupro has a smooth silk-like hand-feel, and it is often used as a vegan-friendly option for silk. It is much more durable and easier to care than silk, but also hypoallergenic, vegan, anti-static and resistant to stretching out of shape. The breathable textile has micropores, that quickly absorb moisture and release moisture away from the skin, making Cupro as a perfect material for sustainable sportswear. Cupro can be also machine washed and dried easily due to its durability and ability to keep the shape. It sounds like we have finally found a perfect sustainable material for sportswear! Don't hesitate to test Cupro, you can now use our 30 days money-back guarantee and free return to test our cupro products!

Cupro sportswear is now available in our webshop. A small batch of Vyayama Strata Cupro leggings and tops has arrived at our store and is available now for the fastest and Earth-friendliest yogis. Don't forget to subscribe to our news list, there might be some subscribers-only offers for Cupro-lovers! View the collection here.

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