What Makes A Good Sportswear - Guest Interview

Online shopping provides such a broad selection for the consumer to choose the right product. Should you select the brand, your friend is wearing or the one your gym is offering? How about cheap clothing stores, discount sales? What makes you choose your activewear? We asked the question, and you answered.

Today we interviewed Jess Baker. She is a marketing strategist and traveller with an active lifestyle. Read her thoughts about quality sportswear.

"My main source of working out is yoga, so the most important factor for me is the article of clothing staying put while I’m in various positions. Because I typically do high-intensity classes, it’s also important that there is some sort of technology in place that helps wick away and dry sweat quickly. I don’t want to be in Savasana dripping and uncomfortable. Lastly, price is an important factor for me. I tend to stay away from the ‘designer’ sportswear unless I know I’ll be able to own the product for a long time and get the money’s worth."
We were curious to know if Jess knows what her sportswear is made of and how, and does that affect her purchasing decision. - "Embarrassingly enough, I couldn’t tell you what my current sportswear is made of and how. As I become more interested in our environment, this is something that’s becoming an increasingly important factor in my purchase decision. I hope to find a wider availability of research to further my knowledge about sustainable wear and see more products shedding light on their production process."
It is glad to hear that the consciousness is growing and people start to think as Jess do. We believe that we as a retailer has the opportunity to educate people and offer better choices together with our suppliers. We wanted to hear more about the subject and asked her how important sustainability has become for her. "I’ve just recently started becoming more involved with sustainable practices. The more I learn, the more invested I am in doing my part. So far, I’ve switched to a plant-based diet, and use more sustainable energy practices for our home. More recently, sustainable clothing and beauty products have started popping up on my radar for purchase. It takes a lot of research to know what’s genuinely good for the environment and has an ethical production process. I like to take my time testing a wide range of products to find what will not only fit my needs but help mother earth as well."

Jess buys a new sportswear monthly. Typically, it is a single item such as sports bras or yoga towels. It is common for an average consumer to shop monthly. Choosing sustainable, high-quality sportswear helps to reduce a carbon footprint.

We were interested to hear Jess' opinion of our Manduka products. "I love Manduka! They’re an extremely reliable brand – and eventually, I’ll own more of their products. Currently, I use their yoga blocks, straps, and yoga mat sprays. I haven’t been disappointed with any purchases as of late!
Jess guides everybody to choose the right sportswear because it can make all the difference in your workout. "If you feel good in what you’re wearing, you’ll want to put it on! It’s amazing to see how a cute new yoga two-piece set can motivate you to the mat.  Additionally, the right sportswear can really factor into how long you’re able to work out. If you’re constantly adjusting your straps or pulling down a top because it won’t stay in place or it isn’t the right fit, the lack of comfort will likely cut your workout short. Finding products that work with you are worth investing in, as they can be a motivational tool for working out!"

                                                    - Jess Baker, traveler, marketing strategist and yogi

You can get to know more about jess on Instagram @faroutjess. We love to hear your thoughts about sportswear and especially sustainability. Buying online is more eco-friendly than shopping at brick and mortar only if you buy high-quality products from a reliable source. Garmendo wants to develop the field of e-commerce to the more ecological direction selling only sustainable sportswear with high quality. Tell us your favourite sports brand and what sustainability means to you and get featured in our blog and social channels!

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