Challenge yourself in 2021!

Our new decade has started with an inspiring yoga challenge with @laliceyoga, @jesuispoppy, @olga_gafita and @piccolayogini. The new year is always time for a little soul searching. We don't believe in New Year resolutions, instead, we believe in constant growth and change. A new year and new decade can be a good time to start new habits. With small baby steps, these habits can become part of your daily life.
Yogis Resolve In 2021 challenges everybody to change undesired behaviour or accomplish desired goals. There is still time to join the challenge on Instagram by following @garmendowear and other hosts mentioned above.

We don't believe in New Year resolutions, instead, we believe in constant growth and change.

Our talented hosts are covering some environmental issues and personal development topics providing useful tips to change your daily habits into a more sustainable direction. The topics support our core values: we all come from nature and taking care of nature is part of maintaining our health and wellbeing. Starting with the idea of being open for the challenges and opportunities the new decade brings to us, the first yoga pose is our favourite; the wild thing! Following topics cover topics such as using less plastic and enjoying outdoors.


@piccolayogini wearing Jilla Active Core Lunge Leggings Forest Green

We will be posting tips for more sustainable life to our blog in the following weak. Meanwhile, have a look at our amazing hosts and participate in the challenge on our Instagram!

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