Ethical Gifts For Christmas

Soft packets for your loved ones? We got you covered! Our Christmas Gift Guide Collection is made of soft and sustainable sportswear and accessories for her. Buy your sportswear gifts in ready-made bundles or as separate items. Our bundles are sets of our most loved products combined in different sized bundles.

A beautiful set of sportswear is a perfect gift for every active woman. Warm bamboo hoodie to confront the cooler days and comfortable leggings to hit the gym. Or how about just 2-pack of eco-certified bamboo socks and 2-pack of soft and sustainable Tencel Panties? All bundles are priced between 50€ to 200€ and are a perfect opportunity to buy a set of products for a lower price than each of these products separately.
Our packets are designed to be easy to buy gifts, including products that are one-size products, such as The GuppyFriend Washing Bag or two-size products such as The SilverTech Active Leggings. With socks and underwear, you need to know the right sizing. However, since the size guessing is not so easy we advise you to choose one size bigger if you are thinking between two sizes and remind you of our 30-day money-back guarantee.
Give something useful this Christmas! We have a 2 days worldwide shipping but do remember to place your order before 18.12. to ensure the delivery before the Christmas Eve.

Shop ethically produced, packed and delivered sustainable products by transparent labels such as Manduka, Organic Cotton, The GuppyFriend and Jilla Active in Christmas Bundles or separately.

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