We Are Fully Sustainable!

At Garmendo we have been concerned about the increasing amount of bad quality products sold online. By ourselves, we have ordered hundreds of samples from many suppliers and tried out different manufacturers, and too often been disappointed about the quality of the product. Every athlete knows that especially activewear needs to last through several active workout session.
We love to look good while working out, but we also love the planet. Therefore, we provide only sustainable brands, and in our manners, that means sustainable production, materials and delivery.
The fashion industry is facing huge changes supported by technology and innovations. Many companies are making small steps towards sustainability, and we want to offer these better options for our customers. At Garmendo we want to introduce new sustainable brands, but also provide the trailblazers of sustainability; brands, who have been working many years for sustainability. We sell only brands that take actions on reducing emissions in the fashion industry. All brands in our selection take care of their environmental impact, are entirely sweatshop-free and use mainly natural or recycled materials. Our brands are made by real people having real working conditions and being treated as human beings. Read more about our sustainability here.
Our sustainable collection will be launched in January 2019 including some of the best sustainable activewear brands in the market. Meanwhile, we will sell out our beautifully designed Shine&Roar California collection. Keep your eyes open for final discounts and subscribe us to be the first one to receive the news about our new sustainable arrivals! 

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Luonnollisesti -kokoelma on luonnon lahja meille joilla on aktiivinen elämäntapa. Parhaista luonnonmateriaaleista valmistetut urheiluvaatteet ovat lempeitä iholle, vastuullisesti innovoitu, hypoallergeenisia ja suunniteltu lajikohtaisesti.