How To Find The Perfect Leggings Online?

Online shops provide a broad selection of trendy leggings to choose from. Bigger brands have conquered social media through various influencers and smaller brands promise so much better quality than their competitors. There is amazing seasonal prints, different sewing techniques and materials, sustainability, celebrities wearing some brands and athletes working as brand ambassadors. Now, how a common guy can detect good quality legging and find just the perfect pair with the right fit in the middle of all the advertising? We wrote a short guide for you to facilitate sportswear shopping online.


Know your needs

Start with you. Know your size, take some measurements if you are not sure. Most online stores provide a size guide or brand size guides for different apparels. When buying leggings, measure your hip, waist and inseam. Measure your waist around the narrowest part of the waist, keeping the tape horizontally. With hip, stand with feet together and measure around the fullest point of the hip, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. Inseam, take the measure from your crotch to the bottom of your leg. 


Start with you. Know your size, take some measurements if you are not sure. Most online stores provide a size guide or brand size guides for different apparels.


Once you have your size, shopping in an online store gets much easier and faster. If you are between the sizes, think of which kind of fit you like the most, tight fit or loose fit. Consider also whether the leggings are for some certain field of sports and what kind of fit is needed in your area of sports. Leggings can be very multifunctional, but there are also special models for specific areas of sport. Running tights must stay input give you space to move and be breathable. Yoga and dance leggings need elasticity, breathability and often a bit higher waist. 


Best materials

Our advice, choose sustainable. That shouldn't be harmful to yourself or others. Secondly, how do you feel the most comfortable? Once again, take into consideration the certain field of sports, if you have one, and then think about what makes you feel the most comfortable. Soft natural materials such as Bamboo and Cupro or their synthetic substitutes, recycled Polyester and Polyamide. Whether you are looking for natural materials the selection is much narrower than in synthetic leggings. Materials and technology are the core factors in the sportswear industry which separates the professionals from fast fashion businesses. So check the retailer, how do they describe their products and is there any information about materials and tech specs.


Your style!

Seasonal trends can amaze us with their gorgeous prints and new shades. Sometimes, these can be exactly something you have been dreaming of for many years, but quite often these are meant to make you shop more. Make sure you shop only items you love to use for many years. Ensure you have the great essentials in your wardrobe and a few favourite prints to awe the audience on special occasions. So stick to your authenticity, but be open for new styles.



Offers are a cool thing but avoid "too good" deals and last-minute deals. These are often made easy money in mind and are used mainly by fast-fashion retailers. Good quality can be found at a reasonable price, that means maybe more detective work on the internet, but also waiting for discount sales of your favourite brands and retailers. Online is often the place to find quality apparels for a cheaper price since the retailer costs are much lower than having a flagship store at the heart of the capital city.


Finally, get to know your retailer. Is there any customer reviews, how is the return policy and what is the overall impression of the online store. Trusted online stores offer a secure check-out, return policy, decent shipping fees and reasonable delivery times. Make sure there is also a way to contact the retailer, a customer service, chat, contact form or any evidence on actual people working behind the scene. 


We wish you happy shopping from home! View our new arrivals here!


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