We Are Garmendo

Welcome to Garmendo, the house of sustainable activewear. We introduce you the best sustainable activewear brands in the market with high-quality and stylish designs. We make sure all our brands are taking care of their environmental impact, offer good working conditions for their employees and are using only sustainable materials in their products. In addition to that, we emphasize the importance of usability, good fit and high-quality with all products in our collection. We love feeling fit and being able to make the most out of every movement of our body while looking good in our workout outfit without burdening the environment.

Our team consists of sport fashion lovers and people who enjoy an active lifestyle. Our lifestyle has made us test several products in action. Together with our brands, we want to offer only the best products for every active occasion. Activewear is under harsh consumption when training. Sweating corrodes the fabric, stretching creates a lot of strain for the fabric and rubbing adds more stress to the cloth. This, together with constantly changing trends, accelerates the sportswear production making it one of the environment-burdening industries. Taking this into consideration, we want to offer only durable and stylish sustainable activewear offering you the way to enjoy the active lifestyle consciously. Read more about our sustainability here.

Garmendo delivers quality products with small carbon footprint making sure everyone has their dream workout outfit, consciously. Today we start our journey by searching the best quality sports apparels for our selection. Read more about us here and follow our path on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Enjoy the better movement!

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