New Sustainable Arrivals!

We are excited! We are waiting for many new sustainable yoga wear brands to join us by the end of the year! We are amazed at how well people have taken our aim to create a fully sustainable activewear online store.

All our soon arriving new brands are already somewhat known among yogis. We also aim to represent some new brands to offer the possibility to support smaller distributors. Our demand regarding all joining brands is sustainability. We make sure that their products are made of natural or recycled materials, their production process takes into account their environmental impact, and workers are earning a real salary and good working conditions.

We are happy to announce that the new brands are soon available in our shop. Meanwhile, we are creating sweet deals and special surprises for our subscribers and followers. Keep following our path and join the benefits of sustainable fashion and followers treats.

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Luonnollisesti -kokoelma on luonnon lahja meille joilla on aktiivinen elämäntapa. Parhaista luonnonmateriaaleista valmistetut urheiluvaatteet ovat lempeitä iholle, vastuullisesti innovoitu, hypoallergeenisia ja suunniteltu lajikohtaisesti.