Yoga Democracy - Made Of Recycled PET Bottles

We have the honour to announce Yoga Democracy as our first fully sustainable brand. Yoga Democracy delivers sustainable activewear straight from Cave Creek, Arizona. They started their journey in 2015 by offering sustainable activewear alternatives made entirely in-house. Since then, Yoga Democracy has conquered the world with their cheerfully designed yoga wear.

Yoga Democracy aims to produce 95% of their products using only recycled fibres. To save natural resources, Yoga Democracy is using mostly luxury Italian fabric made of recycled PET bottles and nylon fabrics made of post-consumer recycled fishnets. The use of recycled materials reduces the use of oil, reuses waste, and cuts out the need for the virgin polyester industry, and furthermore turns out to be amazingly durable and opaque fabric.

The brand's fully integrated in-house production process facilitates their aim to reduce their water impact and carbon footprint as well as creates a safe and fair working environment. Yoga Democracy wants to offer consumer-friendly prices with worker-friendly costs. Usually, super low prices mean costs which we as consumers don’t see. 80% of garment workers globally are women earning ridiculously low wages having far-reaching consequences. For example in Cambodia, the minimum wage is about €125 per month, which can easily be the price of a pair of premium yoga tights in Western countries. All Yoga Democracy's workers earn at least 20-25% higher salary than the recommended base salary in Arizona. Their prices are a fair reflection of the costs of their production, and they want to offer people the right to earn a living believing that their happy employee's input can also be seen in the quality of their products.

Yoga Democracy is a brand putting a lot of thought into where their fabric comes from and what it is made of, but also how it’s going to make you look and feel. Texture, shape retention and sweat-wicking also play a big part in the design. They say texture doesn’t get enough credit in sportswear: "Just because we might sweat in it doesn’t mean we don’t want to feel great wearing it." They use only fabrics they want to touch and wear again and again.

We love the way Yoga Democracy works and their way to take the action towards the more sustainable world. View Yoga Democracy collection here.


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