Our northern roots has made us appreciate nature since we were born. The beauty of nature surrounded us when we played outside, walked to the school and ran to swim to freshwater lakes during the first steps of our lives. We came from nature and nature is part of us in our everyday lives. For us, taking care of ourselves involves taking care of our environment. Our selection reflects our lifestyle and makes us fully committed to sustainability.



The fashion industry is the third most polluting industry in the world and the second largest consumer of water. The manufacturing process uses water, energy, chemicals and is way too often exploiting other natural resources, human and animals, that most people don’t even think about.

We believe in positive change. The fashion industry is facing huge changes supported by technology and innovations. Many companies are making small steps towards sustainability, and we want to offer these better options for our customers. At Garmendo we want to introduce new sustainable brands, but also provide the trailblazers of sustainability; brands, who have been working many years for sustainability.



To consciousness. We sell only brands that take actions on reducing emissions in the fashion industry. All brands in our selection take care of their environmental impact, are entirely sweatshop free and use mainly natural or recycled materials. Our brands are made by real people having real working conditions and being treated as human beings.



We stand for standards that reflect our values. We make sure that all products in our selection, all partners and stakeholders are committed to same standards.



All brands in our selection are committed to the idea of minimal waste, which means they aim to recycle and upcycle materials maintaining the quality and durability of their products.



The use of organic and natural materials is essential in all of our collections. Our brands are committed to sourcing the most ethical materials as possible, with an emphasis on low-environmental impact and longevity. In the year 2019, we are looking forward to launching our All Natural collection.



Our brands are committed to using only toxic-free and natural manufacturing and dyeing processes. Our products are environmentally friendly and toxic-free.



We respect the people making our products, and so do all our suppliers. We check for fair factory certification and make sure everyone is paid fair wages. Our brands are fully committed to respecting their employees, environment and making sure animals are not used or harmed in their production process.



We have worldwide shipping in the most sustainable manners. We use only trusted carriers that take action on reducing their environmental impact. Your order is shipped in an ecologically made cardboard box using natural and compostable materials. We take steps on reducing packaging material and useless paper printing by digital invoicing and upcycling and recycling our packaging materials.